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Prof. Nassir Navab from Technical University of Munich visited ROBO Medical

2018-07-10 10:03:21 本站

Recently, ROBO medical senior consultants, authoritative experts in the field of global medical imaging and artificial intelligence, Professor Nassir Navab from Technical University of Munich, and Professor M. Ali Nasseri were invited by ROBO Medical to visit Shenzhen for academic exchange and business cooperation.

Prof. Nassir Navab is a professor at the Medical School of Technical University of Munich and IEEE Medical Imaging. He has one of the largest laboratories at the Technical University of Munich and has a team of more than 100 people. Prof. M.Ali Nasseri is the director of Ophthalmic Research Department of Technical University of Munich. Both of them are committed to the development of medical robots. The visit will further promote the all-round cooperation between TUM and ROBO Medical in the field of medical robotics. .

In the first day, Prof. Navab visited ROBO Medical's various product R&D project teams, including the ROBOGO Medical Unmanned Vehicle, the TARZAN Rehabilitation Robot, and surgical robots. For the prospect of the product, Prof. Nassir Navab said that he is very optimistic.

The discussion key points are the feasibility of ROBO medical surgical robot and the preparation of CAL-SR automatic surgery research center. At the same time, ROBO Medical Robotics Institute and Technical University of Munich will jointly organize WMRC 2018 (World Medical Robotics Conference) in November 2018.

On the third day, Prof. Navab along with ROBO Medical and the Chinese Academy of Sciences came to Shenzhen Nanshan District People's Government to discuss matters related to the Medical Robotics Laboratory in China.

At the end of the trip, Professor M.Ali Nasseri gave a speech on the topic of "Advanced Ophthalmic Technology" to all ROBO medical researchers.

The visit of the Technical University of Munich will be a new chapter in the in-depth cooperation between ROBO Medical and universities, accelerate the cooperation process with the government, universities and research institutes, and further promote the effective integration of medical robots, production and research, and promote the medical robot industry.

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