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Company Introduction

ROBO Medical focuses on the global development and promotion of medical robots. It focuses on surgical robots, rehabilitation robots, assistant robots and service robots. ROBO brings together the world's top robotics technicians and medical professionals to provide an integrated solution from R&D, design, production to sales. ROBO aims to serve the doctors and patients around the world and realize the vision of “Healthcare beyond boundaries”.

At present, ROBO Medical products cover four major areas of medical robots, including medical logistics robot, portable knee rehabilitation trainer robot, ultrasound robot and single-port surgical robot. At the same time, international activities such as the World Medical Robotics Conference, the World University Medical Robotics Competition and the regularly held medical robot salons in various fields, sponsored by ROBO Medical Robotics Institute, have had a profound impact in the long-term development of the robotics field.

ROBO Medical is originated from the special robot research project initiated by European Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Medical robotics experts from Europe, China, the United States worked together on the project, and later established ROBO Medical in Switzerland collaboratively in 2013. In 2014, ROBO continued to grow business in Silicon Valley, and finally established ROBO Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (China) in Shenzhen in 2015 with the generous help and guidance of Wang Jian, the founder of BGI. In 2016, ROBO Medical Robot Research Institute (Shenzhen) was formally established, with Professor Sun Lining acting as the director.

Corporate Vision

ROBO's insist

Built on strong scientific research ability:ROBO insists on continuously improving our research and development level, which lays a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company. ROBO Medical Robotics Institute, which is a subordinate organization of ROBO Medical, has a highly qualified R&D team. More than 70% of R&D engineers have a master's degree or above in related fields. ROBO has applied for more than one hundred patents since establishment due to our years of R&D experience. In addition, ROBO's cooperative in the “Stroke Rehabilitation Robot Project” was also selected as a key project of the Ministry of Science’s national key R&D program “Intelligent Robots”. Aim at meeting customer needs:ROBO insists on starting from the needs of customers and solving practical problems in medical applications.

What’s our vision? Healthcare beyond boundaries.

Using robots and artificial intelligence to solve the problem of insufficient high-quality medical resources, making it possible for 7 billion people in the world to enjoy high-quality medical care equally.

Core Values

Fighter spirit leads ROBO step forward, Passion, dream, innovation, responsibility Health is the most important.

ROBO Values

Development History

Scientific research ability

ROBO Medical Robotics Institute

The ROBO Medical Robotics Institute is a professional research institute which is lead by a group of experts including Prof. Hannes, Director of Robotic Laboratory of EPFL and Dr. Sun Lining, a leading expert in the field of robotics in China.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Focus on the future development of the medical robot industry

ROBO, a company with a corporate social responsibility in the medical robotics industry, is committed to bringing more benefits to society.Therefore, ROBO Medical Robotics Institute sponsored “ROBO World University Medical Robotics Competition” to inspire students to apply the expertise they learned in school into real problem-solving situations.

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