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RoboGo Automatic Guided Vehicle
Medical automatic guided vehicle works under central control system; it uses laser navigation and other technologies to achieve automatic distribution functions, which in part replace the manual transport of specimens, medicines, medical equipment and other materials. It can effectively address over 80% of transportation needs within a hospital, supplement the current hospital logistics system, and provide a safe, efficient, accurate and flexible automated transport solution.
  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Accurate
  • Agile
Three customized models to meet the needs of different departments
Effectively satisfy 80% of the transport needs within a hospital.
RoboGo S Enclosed type
前置LED大灯,最远可达10米, 两用复合19寸“大”轮胎,真空防穿刺,在黑暗中为您保驾护航
  • Applicable scenarios

    Disinfection Supply Center


    Secondary pharmacy - nurse station

  • Solve pain points

    -Finish the transport work in public areas

    -Save transportation time

    -Make transport process controllable

RoboGo U Open type
前置LED大灯,最远可达10米, 两用复合19寸“大”轮胎,真空防穿刺,在黑暗中为您保驾护航
  • Applicable scenarios

    Operating room/operating room

    - level 2 warehouse.

  • Solve pain points

    Reduce the work intensity of nurses

    liberate the workforce

RoboGo M Mini type
前置LED大灯,最远可达10米, 两用复合19寸“大”轮胎,真空防穿刺,在黑暗中为您保驾护航
  • Applicable scenarios

    Clinical laboratory

  • Solve pain points

    Improve the efficiency of clinical laboratory

    Saving labor costs

    Shorten the inspection period

Product Advantages
Application case: Disinfection supply center--operation room
On average, nurses in charge of one operation need to travel to and from the secondary warehouse 7 times to transport sterile packages from the warehouse to the operating room. The average time is 1.75 minutes, and the daily delivery is more than 100 times.
Application Case: Inside clinical laboratory
The daily transportation is about 150 times, which takes around 6-7 hours, and work independently 24 hours a day throughout the year. As a result, the annual labor cost savings is about 300,000 yuan.
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