Tarzan Zero
Intelligent lower limb rehabilitation robot
Product Overview
Tarzan Zero is an intelligent lower limb rehabilitation training robot. Different from the traditional rehabilitation equipment, Tarzan Zero does not use the electric motor as power supply, thus it can be used in a variety of scenarios for professional rehabilitation training regardless of space constraints.
At the same time, the device weight has been reduced to meet patients 'personalized rehabilitation needs. Therefore, patients can do lower limb rehabilitation training in any postures (sit, stand, or prone position).
Product Features
  • ○ Active and passive training integration
  • ○ Assisted exercise mode
  • ○ Multi-posture movement rehabilitation
  • ○ Passive massage for lower limb
  • ○ Medical data communication and management
  • ○ Household data record / Spasm detection system
  • ○ High muscle tension alert system
Intelligent lower limb rehabilitation robot
Rehabilitation robots help the elderly and people with mobility problems to treat and restore their physical functions by promoting the reorganization of nervous system functions, which effectively promotes functional reorganization and effectively relieves muscle and joint atrophy.
  • Medical end:

    Liberate rehabilitation physician labor force

    Real-time management of exercise data

    Medical data visualization and traceable

    Multi-posture exercise rehabilitation

  • Household end:

    Lightweight, portable and convenient Achieve rehabilitation standardization

    Get real-time rehabilitation results

    Rehabilitation effectiveness become measurable

Tarzan application scenario
○ Stroke — Hemiplegia    ○ Surgical trauma — Muscle atrophy    ○ Brain injury — Movement disorder

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