Leaders of Hangzhou High tech Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou High tech Zone Binjiang Business Bureau Visited ROBO Medical Exchange and Guidanc

On August 15th, Weng Jiayan, Director of Hangzhou High tech Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and Executive Vice General Manager of Hangzhou Hehe Venture Capital Co., Ltd., as well as Ma Jia, Director of the Commerce Bureau of Hangzhou High tech Industrial Development Zone (Binjiang), and a delegation visited ROBO for medical exchange and guidance.


Accompanied by General Manager Yang Jialin of ROBO Medical and others, Mr. Weng and his delegation had a discussion and exchange, gaining a deep understanding of the development history, business status, technical achievements, market applications, and other aspects of ROBO Medical. They also visited the company's latest research and development of a digestive endoscope surgical robot project, and gained a direct understanding of the company's main business and ongoing research projects.


Medical robots are an emerging industry in recent years. With the continuous progress of medical technology, more and more robots have begun to participate in surgery, demonstrating the characteristics of technology empowering medical treatment. With the continuous empowerment of technology, the potential for medical development is gradually being unleashed, and the prospect of smart healthcare benefiting humanity is worth looking forward to. In the future, ROBO Medical will continue to explore the blue ocean of digital health healthcare and fulfill its corporate mission of "empowering healthcare with technology, making healthcare boundless".


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