The national key research and development plan project successfully passed the mid-term inspection of the Ministry of Science and Technology

On April 30th, the High tech Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology organized experts to conduct a mid-term inspection of the 2019 National Key R&D Plan project "Key Technologies and Systems of Minimally Invasive Surgery Robots for Digestive Endoscopy", which our company participated in, in Jinan City, Shandong Province.

The total budget of the "Key Technologies and Systems for Minimally Invasive Surgery Robots in Digestive Endoscopy" project is 22.82 million yuan, including 10.82 million yuan from the central government's special budget. This project is led by Shandong University, following the principle of full chain design and integrated implementation, and has collaborated with 10 advantageous units, including Rob Medical, to conduct research. Rob Medical is responsible for the research and development, overall integration, and industrialization of some key technologies in this project. The research objective of this project is closely related to clinical needs. By developing a minimally invasive surgical robot system for digestive endoscopy that is safe to touch, sensitive to feedback, and precise to operate, we aim to promote the clinical transformation of advanced endoscopic surgery, achieve stable, accurate, and safe digestive endoscopic surgery, promote the promotion of minimally invasive surgical technology for digestive tract tumors, and enhance the personalized and precise treatment level of patients with digestive tract tumors.

The mid-term inspection of the project will be conducted through on-site inspection and meeting communication. The project leader shall report on the mid-term implementation of the project in terms of overall progress, completion of assessment indicators, significant progress and results achieved, personnel investment and fund utilization, existing problems, and next step work plan. During the on-site observation and inspection of the prototype by the project inspection expert group, the experts inquired in detail and experienced the prototype. They fully affirmed the research achievements of the project team in variable stiffness flexible robotic arms and force feedback perception chips. At the summary meeting, the project inspection expert group proposed that in response to the significant progress of this project, the project team should write a special report on solving the "bottleneck" technical problem and submit it to the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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