ROBO Medical ROBOGO ROBOot Debut Dubai 2019 Arab Health

&Nbsp; The 2019 UAE Asian Cup is in full swing, and although the Chinese football team has stopped in the quarterfinals, Chinese made medical robots have become popular at the Dubai Medical Exhibition.

&Nbsp& Nbsp; On January 28 to 31, 2019, ROBOGO, a medical logistics robot independently developed by ROBO Medical, made a stunning appearance at the Arab Health&Medlab Exhibition&Conference in Dubai. Experts, agents, and industry professionals from multiple countries such as China, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States have expressed strong interest.

&Nbsp& Nbsp; About ARAB

&Nbsp& Nbsp; The Arab International Medical Equipment Exhibition is the largest, most comprehensive, and most effective international professional medical equipment exhibition conference in the Middle East region. Since its first exhibition in 1975, the scale of the exhibition has been expanding year by year, and the number of participating companies and visitors has been increasing year by year. It has always enjoyed a high reputation among hospitals and medical device agents in Middle Eastern Arab countries and is also one of the top medical exhibitions in the world. Every year, it attracts well-known enterprises from around the world to participate.

&Nbsp& Nbsp; About ROBO

&Nbsp& Nbsp; At the "Asian Cup" at this medical exhibition, Rob Medical from China stood out and attracted the attention of agents from various countries.

&Nbsp& Nbsp; ROBO Medical was established in 2014, founded in Switzerland, founded in Silicon Valley, and rooted in Shenzhen. Since its establishment, ROBO Medical has been committed to using medical robots and artificial intelligence technology to solve the problem of insufficient global high-quality medical resources. It is a medical robot research and development enterprise that has entered the industrialization stage.

&Nbsp& Nbsp; About ROBOGO

&Nbsp& Nbsp; At present, over 95% of hospitals in China have a "dedicated delivery team+handcart" logistics model. With the increasing demand for medical services, issues such as delivery delays, delivery errors, difficulties in upgrading logistics systems, and the consumption of human resources are becoming increasingly prominent. To address the current shortage of medical logistics, the hospital logistics system urgently needs intelligent innovation. The third-generation medical unmanned vehicle logistics robot currently launched by ROBO Medical creates a standardized process for hospital delivery that is full process, controllable, and traceable.

&Nbsp& Nbsp; ROBOGO is the world's first medical unmanned vehicle equipped with VSLAM (Visual Based Positioning and Mapping). It was jointly developed by ROBO and the Munich Institute of Technology, and is the first in the industry to launch practical applications of visual+laser integrated navigation. VSLAM based on depth cameras can directly calculate the distance between obstacles and achieve fully automatic elevator boarding and disembarking through the collected point cloud data.

&Nbsp& Nbsp; At this ARAB exhibition, ROBO Medical's product ROBOGO stands out and has received close attention from renowned experts, agents, and government officials in the medical industry from various countries. It has been visited by the Emirate of Dubai, officials from the UAE Department of Health and Prevention, and ambassadors from the US embassy and consulate. At present, ROBO Medical has reached cooperation intentions with multiple agents and will soon land in well-known hospitals in the United States for trial operation.

&Nbsp& Nbsp; ROBO will continue to uphold craftsmanship, deeply cultivate technology, continuously research, and stay at the forefront of the times, using international top technology to create a leading medical unmanned vehicle in the industry!

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