ROBO Medical Debut 2019 Arab (Dubai) International Medical Equipment Expo

Exhibition Introduction

Arab Health&Medlab Exhibition&Conference is the largest international professional medical equipment exhibition in the Middle East, with a complete range of exhibits and good exhibition results. It is the second largest international medical equipment exhibition in the world and the largest in the Middle East region. The exhibition was founded in 1975 and is held annually. It is considered a must-have event for the medical industry. Worldrenowned companies such as Siemens, Philips, General Electric, Kodak, STORZ, 3M, and others regularly participate in the exhibition, providing a dynamic trading platform for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to explore the Middle East medical market.

In 2018, Arab Health attracted 3734 exhibitors from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Türkiye, Brazil and other countries, providing a unique and professional industry exchange platform for 87454 visitors from more than 150 countries and regions,

Rob Medical Exhibition Trailer

Shenzhen Robo Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ROBO Medical") will join hands with American companies to make an appearance at the Arab Health exhibition, showcasing the charm and wisdom of Chinese medical robots through the medical unmanned abortion vehicle ROBOGO.

Location: UAE International Exhibition Center

Time: January 28th to January 31st, 2019

Booth: Hall 1 H19

The medical unmanned flow vehicle ROBOGO, jointly developed by ROBO Medical and the Munich Institute of Technology, is the world's first medical logistics robot equipped with VSLAM technology. It is the first in the industry to launch practical applications of visual+laser fusion navigation, and also the first product in China to achieve fully automatic logistics robot up and down elevators. ROBOGO has changed the load-bearing and spatial limitations of traditional pneumatic and rail logistics transportation, improved the efficiency of hospital logistics transportation, and optimized transportation problems in complex hospital environments.

ROBOGO's 6 major feature highlights:

Multiple security guarantees; Featuring industry-leading controllers and chassis, card swiping/password unlocking, and a 360 degree anti roll emergency stop design, it is safe and reliable.

Adapt to complex road conditions; Create a map in a completely unknown environment - the robot calculates and generates a map in the system through walking, sets a target point, and then starts using it.

Real time laser precise positioning and navigation; The technical positioning accuracy is controlled within the centimeter level - using industrial advanced LiDAR, which has higher accuracy. At the same time, the SLAM algorithm is used for deviation correction to avoid deviation from the target position.

Self service wireless charging; Automatically return to the charging station when idle or 25% low battery, wireless charging, and independent automated operation.

Cross floor and multi scene applications; Realize interactive control with elevators, can be applied across floors, with a load capacity of 80kg and a maximum speed of 1.2m/s, suitable for multiple transportation scenarios.

Adapt to the actual scenario application of hospitals; Autonomous obstacle avoidance and path planning - based on a large map for positioning, navigation, radar scanning of obstacles, self obstacle avoidance, and autonomous planning of walking routes. After completing the task, return to the welcoming location independently without the need for manual operation.

ROBO Medical takes surgical robots, rehabilitation robots, auxiliary robots, and service robots as its core, and based on strong scientific research capabilities, showcases the charm of China's "intelligent manufacturing" and is committed to fulfilling the mission of "making medical treatment boundless".

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