Teacher Wang Jian, founder of BGI Gene, visited and guided ROBO Medical New Home

Recently, Professor Wang Jian, founder of BGI Gene, visited ROBO Medical to provide guidance on its development strategy and direction of cooperation with BGI.

As the mentor of ROBO Medical, Teacher Wang visited ROBO as early as its establishment in 2014. As a project carefully supported by Teacher Wang Jian, ROBO Medical and Huada have the same mission and highly strategic alignment. Medical robots and biotechnology represented by genetics are both two major transformational technologies in the field of human healthcare. Back then, everyone thought that ROBO's involvement in the research and development of surgical robots was a risky move. Only Teacher Wang supported and recommended ROBO Medical to Shenzhen. ROBO's first industrialized project, "Ultrasound Robot," was also Teacher Wang's idea (now being industrialized at Huada Intelligent Manufacturing). After more than 4 years of development, ROBO has successfully developed China's first flexible arm surgical robot and officially entered the industrialization stage. In 2018, at the beginning of the second phase (second four-year) of ROBO Medical, Teacher Wang once again came to ROBO to guide the direction of development.

During this visit, the founder of ROBO, Dayang, took Teacher Wang to visit the world's first medical robot museum (Phase I), which is about to open at the end of December. As soon as he entered the exhibition hall, Teacher Wang was attracted by two huge robots in the museum. One was the world-renowned Da Vinci surgical robot, and the other was ROBO's independently developed single hole surgical robot "Dr. Bear". During the visit, we will first talk about the past and present lives of surgical robots: Leonardo da Vinci initially envisioned his prototype, but it was not until the 1980s that the first generation of surgical robots emerged from the Stanford University laboratory. However, with the rapid advancement of technology, complex mechanical structures were equipped with stable software systems, and Leonardo da Vinci's surgical robots emerged, ushering in a new era of industrialization of surgical robots. Now surgical robots have entered the golden age of research and development for flexible robotic arms, and in the near future, rigid robots for surgery will become the era of soft robots and micro robots. Teacher Wang repeatedly praised after listening.

Subsequently, Teacher Wang and Dayang visited various laboratories in ROBO, including rehabilitation robot laboratories, surgical robot laboratories, and autonomous navigation laboratories. The researchers vividly explained the purpose of robots and the direction of future improvements, and demonstrated their practical operation. After the end, Teacher Wang first gave a high evaluation of the company's research and development, and then gave a vivid speech to colleagues throughout the company: choosing robots as a future industry is choosing to take a more difficult path than others, which cannot be surpassed and must be endured step by step. Surgical robots are high-tech products, but their research and development cycle is long, and it takes a lot of time to enter the market, making it difficult to generate revenue in a short period of time. Therefore, it is recommended to make strategic adjustments from the treatment field to the prevention field based on the accumulation of core high precision and cutting-edge technologies in the early stage, in order to benefit more people. For example, cancer prevention can be regarded as an important development direction, achieving early cancer prevention, developing fast detection equipment, and achieving short-term listing. This can quickly achieve self hematopoiesis and reduce dependence on capital.

Teacher Wang extended his hand and made a gesture of "Thai dance", saying, "Now I often use this Thai dance gesture to compare my theory: the little finger refers to the person who listens to fate; the ring finger refers to the person who listens to medicine; and the middle finger represents the person who accepts high technology now, but this is not my ultimate ideal. My ultimate ideal is the health and happiness represented by the index finger, until the eternal life represented by the thumb. Then he reached out with his other hand and pinched three fingers, saying, "And these three heights: high appearance, high muscle, and high mind." The audience applauded loudly.

At the final summary meeting, the intellectual property manager of ROBO introduced ROBO patent reserves and recent new projects to Teacher Wang.

As two organizations with distinct characteristics (not following the usual path) and consistent vision in the field of healthcare in China: Huada& ROBO, using the two major weapons of "robots" and "genes", carries our great dream and works together to bring more positive energy to the industry. We will truly achieve the goal of "solving the problem of human birth, aging, illness, and death" and "making medical care boundless"!

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